Interview de Keegan Smith

L’année 2011 fut sans nul doute un important tournant dans ma carrière professionnelle, elle fut marquée par des rencontres qui auront fait évoluer ma vision de l’entrainement, et dont les athlètes que j’entraîne tirent tous les bénéfices à l’heure actuelle. Parmi les personnes qui ont influencé positivement mon approche de la préparation physique, nul doute que Keegan Smith tient une grande place.

Je trouve toujours très intéressant de discuter avec lui de ses inspirations, ses lectures, la nutrition et plus globalement sa vision du « Lifestyle » (mode de vie me parait être une traduction honnête). J’ai aussi apprécié la semaine passée à son invitation au sein du staff des Dragons Catalans afin d’assister aux entraînements d’athlètes de niveau international tels que Steve Menzies, Leon Pryce, Rémi Casty ou David Ferriol. Enfin, j’ai aimé m’entraîner en sa compagnie dans la salle de musculation du stade Gilbert Brutus, ou dernièrement au centre d’entraînement du club d’haltérophilie de Clermont-l’Hérault.

A mon humble avis Keegan est une personne compétente, passionnée et dont la philosophie de vie exerce une influence positive sur chaque personne qui croise sa route.

Fred : Hello Keegan, a few words about you. Who are you ? What’s your job ? What are your goals ?

Keegan : My name is Keegan Smith. I’m from Wollongong, Australia and I’ve been living in France for almost 2 years. I’ve been interested in sport and health all my life, a journey which has brought me to work as the strength and conditioning coach for the Catalans Dragons in the European Super League.

My passion is for improving health and lifestyle as the base for improved recovery capacity and training quality. If we can do that then results will improve on the field !

F : Why ?

K : came out of frustration at the poor quality of health and training knowledge among the general population and the average gym goer. The goal is to inform people of the methods that are working for me and my athletes as a result of thousands of hours of ongoing research, training and education.

F : Can you explain why nutrition is so important for an athlete ?

K : Nutrition has determined what materials your body is made from and what hormonal configuration you’re operating under. With poor nutrition habits I was unable to make gains in the gym and experienced many health problems.

For me the basic paradigm that we must consider in relation to health is where do we come from and what are we designed to live off ?

When you consider this 90% of modern foods are automatically ruled unfit for human consumption. Modern farming methods and medicine have made nutrition more important for the human race than for any other species in any time.

Supplements are becoming a must to help deal with a toxic world where the nutrient density of foods is declining. If you live on a farm or in the jungle you may be able ot optimally nourish your body with natures foods but for those of us living in the rat race and training hard supplementation is the only way to achieve optimal results.

F : Where do you find inspiration in your job ?

K : I’ve always been inspired by personal improvement. I think that is why I enjoy weight training so much. You must work hard and smart for long periods of time to get good results. As a coach I believe that the example I set and the performance levels I reach are important factors in the commitment and improvement in the players around me.

Travelling the world and seeing the injustice and needless suffering that exists as a result of the dominant paradigms of today is also my inspiration for encouraging a new way of thinking and therefore being.

Seeing guys reach new levels of performance and adopt more productive beliefs and lifestyles is also an inspiration to continue to follow my current path.

Interview réalisée par Fred Marcérou le 29/05/2012